Monday, April 7, 2008

The face behind the tattoo.

The name Ian S.W. may sound familiar to you. He has been mentioned in this blog before, and his tattoo story has been shared with you. Now you'll be able to see the face behind the tattoo.

Ian Scott Wheeler was born on August 20, 1984 on a US military base in Bitburg Germany, he has an older brother and younger sister. Both of his parents were in the Air Force, his mother was a crew chief on F- 15's and his father was an MP (Military Police). Two years after Ian's birth his family was relocated to Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona and when he was in 7th grade his family was again relocated to Klamath Falls, Oregon. (A typical story for your average army brat.) The children were sent to stay with their grandparents in Virginia while their parents searched for a place to stay in Oregon. It seemed like a dream come true, that summer their parents found the perfect 2-story house for their family. Driving back to his father's parents house they were struck by a drunk driver; the impact instantly killed Ian's father. That year Ian's mother decided that she wanted to live closer to her family and they moved to Virginia, while living there she met a man she fell in love with, and the Wheelers packed up one more time and moved to Connecticut.

Ian graduated from Southington High School in 2003 with absolutely no interest of ever going into the military. In September of 2003 he started his first semester at the center for Culinary arts in Cromwell, CT. In the summer of 2004 he went down to Parris Island, South Carolina to attend his brother's Marine Corps graduation. It was that very day that Ian realized what he wanted to do. He said "Once my brother's graduation began I was kind of mesmerized by it, seeing hundreds of new marines all marching on beat and marching as if they were preparing for a battle during the civil war." On July 22, 2004 Ian Scott Wheeler enlisted, on December 27, 2004 he graduated from the culinary arts school, and on January 6, 2005 he was off to boot camp. He graduated on April 10, 2005, and left for his first deployment in January of '06.

Ian left for his last deployment in November of 2007, and he will be returning in June of this year. He plans on getting out of the Marines in December of '08 and attending college in pursuit of his degree in Business. When asked if he regrets joining the Marines, Ian simply says "No, because I have grown as a man, I have experienced more things then I could have ever imagined, I've met some of the most interesting people and made life long friends. Not only that, I have had the opportunity to travel to some exotic locations such as: Hawaii, Australia, Thailand, Kuwait, Bangladesh, Singapore, Dubai, and Bahrain." Now how many of us can say that?

When asked how he got into tattoos, Ian pointed out that like many of us, he has been fascinated with tattoos for as long as he can remember. When he was younger , he felt envious of guys who had their sleeves finished. And since military men are notorious for their tattoos, he thought there's no better time than now to get started. After his first tattoo, the military began enforcing a new rule, that would not allow for full sleeves. Looks like it will be a while before Mr. Wheeler can finish up his work of art.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

It's a family thing

Name: Noah T. P.

Where I got it: Exotic Expressions Tattoo (Las Cruces, NM)

Artists Name: Spyder

How long it took: 1hr 30min

Why I got it:
It is a family tattoo located on my right forearm. The top japanese symbol means family and the bottom means together. In the middle is the oriental symbol for warrior. This tattoo means a lot to me because my whole family got matching tattoos when I came down to visit. Its a reminder that no matter where I am my family is always with me

Saturday, April 5, 2008

I was able to shed my skin.

Name: Kim S.M.

Where I got it done: Bambu Tattoo (Providence, RI)

Artist: Rob

How long it took: like 20 minutes

Why I got it?:
For a couple of years I wanted to get a tattoo, but I wanted something that was pretty unique. Not only do I love butterflies, but I saw it as one of the most beautiful animals which go through a big change. I wanted it to symbolize change because when I looked back after my first year of college, i saw that i was able to shed my skin to breakout into a new person, I wasn't the person I was in high school.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

A never ending cycle.

Name: Sean S.

Where I got it done: Fort Knox

Artists Name: Hanna (She was an apprentice)

How long it took: 6 hours.

Why I got it:
It symbolizes my family. In the center of the tattoo, on the inside of my arm is the viking symbol for joy because, my joy is on the inside close to me always. The serpents on the outside represent how my family is tied together but, still at each others throats. I decided to get a band because a band represents a never ending cycle.

Monday, March 24, 2008 bringing order.

I was browsing blogs on blogger and I stumbled upon this one. It's called A Food Blog.
It sounds odd I know. But, once you start reading it you'll get hooked. I know I did. Because where else can you talk about...just food?

It draws your attention in with many pictures strategically placed all across the page. The blog is Managed by Jessica and Lon, not that I know them personally but those were the names displayed on the "about me" section. They address many food and restaurant related issues and topics. Things you would never think of. Topics such as the Starbucks craze and over priced coffee, to cool food goodies to have at your wedding. And they do respond to comments if you leave them, so you can have any questions, concerns and comments answered.

They also post some interesting and delicious recipes for you chefs out there.

I hope you check them out. Again its

Saturday, March 22, 2008

A back piece in progress.

Name: Anna K.

Where I got it done: Hartford County Tattoo (Bristol, CT)

Artists Name: Steve Hunter and Alana Lawton.

How long it took: About 7 to 9 Hours.

Why I got it:
For the record this tattoo is a whole back piece in progress. I got the knot in the middle first (In July '06) it took about an hour and was done by Steve Hunter. The knot isn't actually a Celtic knot, it's something I created my Junior year in high school, since it was something I created myself I knew I wouldn't regret it. The Angels I got later, they were done by Alana Lawton they were done over a period of 2 months and took 6 to 8 hours to do. I got the Angels for three reasons. 1) My Aunt Karen has collected angels since her sister passed in a drunk driving accident, and has since gotten an angel inked on her shoulder. 2) In September of 06, a very close friends son passed away at the age of 22 months, and it's impacted every day of my life since. and 3) In May of 06, a friend of mine with whom I was in a bit of a tiff with passed away quite suddenly. My relationship with him had and has a profound effect on my soul and outlook. I regret the way I treated him, and never had a chance to say goodbye or even say I was sorry. Knowing that has made me appreciate every relationship in my life, no matter how big or small.

I love my tattoos and when people ask me why, or say I'll hate them when I "grow up", I can laugh and know, if they only knew how much they mean to me, nothing could make me change my mind, or wish I didn't have them. I've spent about $600 on my tattoos I have a spare change fund, so it's not like I'm forgoing gas or food to finance this art form. I truly believe that tattoos are a valid form of art, and that the artists that I've been lucky enough to meet, are some of the best.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Keeping it simple.

[No Image Available]

Name: Amber P.

Where I got it done: I haven't actually gotten it yet but, probably Beauty Mark (Waterbury, CT)

Artist: I'm leaning towards Ken since I've heard nothing but great things about him.

Why I'm getting it:
When I was 13, my grandmother passed away from lung cancer. This woman was nothing short of amazing. She wasn't only my grandmother, but she was also my best friend. She was an astounding artist, with a passion for anything artistically inclined. When she passed away , I knew I wanted a tattoo of her name. I wanted to incorporate a cross into the design, but I didn't want to have something cliche, and tacky. So I decided to keep it simple and just have the design with her name. I haven't decided on the script, but I'll know it when I see it.

I want to get the tattoo on my right wrist. I'm an artist and I'm right handed. When I draw, paint, or even write on a piece of paper, I want to see her name. She has taught me just about everything I know, and although I will never forget her or what she has done in her lifetime, I still want her name and memory on my body forever.

In addition to getting my grandmother's name on my right wrist, I also am going to get my grandfather's name on my left wrist. Both of my grandparents are and have been my my entire life. I am extremely close with my grandfather, and I respect him for so many different things, that he is to be accredited for teaching me as much, if not more, as my grandmother.

These two people are so exceptional, that it’s an honor to have their names on my body forever.

(Once a picture of the design or final product is available this post will be updated.)

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Name: Ian S.W.

Where it was done: American Tattoo (San Diego, CA)

How long it took: About 4 hours.

Why I got it done:
I received this tattoo in January 2007.Since it was my first tattoo I wanted to have a very special meaning behind it. I had recently let my past not run my life anymore.I spent a lot of my life always being scared of things and not ever allowing myself to over come my fears. In short, it simply shows my "demons" coming out of my skin, and in essence it is freeing myself from my past.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Love of Dolphins is forever.

Name: Meagan C.

Where it was done: Wildside (Southington, CT)

Artists name: Keith

How long it took: About an hour

Why I got it?
The reason why I got it you might think I am crazy but in the second grade we had to do a report on an animal and the animal that I chose was a dolphin. Ever since I did that report my love for the animal has grown so much. You walk into my room and that is all you see. There are Dolphins EVERYWHERE! On the wall, my dresser, my bookcase, closet anywhere you look it is pretty much all you see. The reason why I chose to get a tattoo with 2 dolphins in the shape of a heart with a heart between their mouths is because, Dolphins will always be my first true love. No matter what happens the fascination that they have with me will be the same. They have touched my heart more than anyone could imagine, to the fact that I want to be able to see them no matter where I am or what I am doing. I chose to have the dolphins be 2 different shades of blue (one of my favorite colors). And I wanted the heart to be a vibrant red (another one of my favorite colors) and I made sure that the eyes were green because that is the color of my eyes... I have to go back and get the heart touched up but I love how this tattoo came out and I will probably go back and get another one or 2.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The pride of the Irish.

Name: Michael D.

Where it was done: Apt. set for Summer '08 at Beauty Mark Tattooing and Piercing (Waterbury, CT)

Artists: Ken (specialized in portraits)

How long it took: Predicted time about 5 hours.

Why I got it:
Like most kids I've wanted a tattoo since I knew what it was. Since this is going to be on my body forever, I decided that this would be a good first tattoo. It is to be placed on my back across both shoulder blades. This, like the other post, is also a tribute to my deceased grandfather. The colors of the skulls are representative of the Irish flag. The design binding the skulls is a Celtic knot. As you could probably tell, my grandfather was a hardcore Irishman. In the middle of the knot, which the above design does not show, will be a blue "T". You see, my grandfather put a blue "T" with magic marker on everything he owned, it stood for Tom, his middle name, which he was known by. (This was designed by a close friend of mine Roger P.)
Once the piece is finished, there will be an updated posting, where you will be able to check out the final product.